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Cochin is a beautiful city located in the state of Kerala, which lies in the southern part of India. It is strategically located and is hence considered to be the Gateway to Kerala and most of the tours of the state either start or end here. The city is now known as Kochi and the residents are referred to as Kochiites. The culture is basically south Indian and the people are cosmopolitan in their behavior and outlook. The culture of Cochin has been enriched over a period of hundreds and thousands of years due to the impact of travelers from all over the world. There was a time when the city had a large number of Jews but this is no longer the case. The arrival of Portuguese resulted in a majority of population adopting Christianity. However, now Cochin has people from all religions like Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Jain. Culture of Kochi is an amalgamation of the culture of people from different parts of the country. There are people who dress as per traditional Kerala wear while there are also a large number of people who wear western dresses.

Cochin also boasts of a distinctive local cuisine and one of the most popular dishes is the Puttu, which is basically a steam cake made of coconut and rice. It is usually accompanied with a spicy curry and is the most popular Malayalee breakfast. Another popular dish is the vellayappam, which is a pancake made by combining a batter of rice flour with yeast. It can be accompanies by either potato stew or a meat dish depending on your choice. Many different type of food dishes in Cochin can be found in the various restaurants in and around Cochin and you can choose your pick depending on your choice and preferences. The prices are usually reasonable and the service is excellent as a result of which you will always end up having a good meal while you are in this city.

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